MBK Legend Glowを販売いたします+MBK Legend GBの進捗報告


8月となりオリンピックも後半戦に入り、夏真っ盛りの中みなさんいかがお過ごしでしょうか。先日の案内ではMBK Colorの案内をいたしましたが、今回はMBKプロファイルの刻印キーキャップセットの「MBK Legend Glow」の入荷をお知らせいたします。


MBK Legend Glow






MBK Legend GBの進捗報告




Hey everyone,

Sorry for the long time it took to put this out there, I know it's been a while since the last update and many of you are waiting for MBK Legend keycaps, but we had a major setback that we wanted to make sure we could solve.

The dye sub supplier that we had carefully selected before decided to not carry on with the project. They knew we had high quality expectations from the get go, and agreed to do as many rounds of samples as necessary, but we were going back and forth with samples for a while (I lost count on the number of rounds we had), and it was getting longer each time between rounds until the news hit us.

Fortunately we had an alternative that we started to prepare weeks ago, when the first factory started being late. We received the first samples from the new factory last week and are super happy about it. The quality is much better than anything we had before, and we now have an improved color matching system. This makes us confident that the next round of samples coming in will be the final one! Finally.

I'll try to make a better job at posting updates in the future and am searching for a way to communicate more efficiently on GB status (either provide a solution for the community—i.e. other GB runners—or our own) and general project evolution, so if you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them.

Thanks for your patience, I know GBs are delayed more often than not, and I wish this one would have been an exception but it won't be.

Once the final samples are validated we will get a timeline from the new factory and I'll post again with the final timeline to get the sets to vendors based on that.